Estella the Kinkster

I'm a naturally dominant switch - a queer connoisseur of degradation, sadism and filth.

Being a top leaning switch, I know exactly what I'm giving out because I can take it too - in my porn career and in my personal life I have a ton of experience in hardcore penetration, impact, shibari and degradation as a top and a bottom.

I am available as a play partner for you to explore your desires as a submissive or dominant, or something inbetween. 


Estella the Pornstar

As a notorious hardcore kink performer I've been honoured with various titles and and awards throughout my career. 

I take a great passion in representing true consensual kink on camera.

My back catalogue contains a ton of me hardcore subbing,  I mainly shoot lesbian domination. Lots of strap on, degradation and my hands down the throat of people of all genders can be found on all of my platforms.